The digital world is all around us. From website presence, to social media and Google analytics, we ensure your platforms are equipped with a custom strategy that will maximize business growth, and expand your network.


So, who are we?

Our home is Louisville, Kentucky. We bring many years of combined experience in web design, Google analytics, social media, and SEO to not just help grow businesses, but our community as well. Our goal is to go on this journey with you, and be part of what it takes for your business to win. We build custom campaigns, and plans that are set in place to grow your traffic, expand your outreach, and of course, increase your profits. What is your journey? Let us help you get there.



Website Development

We use standard programming code to help you design a modern website. We use coding in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and others to enhance the content, appearance and behavior of the pages. We can quickly get a website up and running, to ensure you aren’t missing out on potential customers. Many businesses just need to have updates instead of creating brand new pages. We can do that as well! Last, we also help you with the search for domain names and best hosting options.

Website Creation

Grapevine employs top local talent for building websites. Our easy to use websites have you in mind. We create user-friendly templates that help you make updates on your own time. Many small business owners want access and control for quick website changes, as their products and services may evolve quickly on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. You no longer need to wait for a programmer to make changes to paragraphs, headings or even page titles.

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Social Media Marketing

Are you looking to be active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn? Grapevine can help you reach the target audience you desire. We understand the optimal number of postings, how to post and the content you need to stand out from your competition. The movement continues to grow, with more users on mobile phones, computers and tablets. This is the new way to market your business!


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The social media apps that are in the marketplace are everywhere. Developers are working on new apps every day, and this trend will likely only get stronger in days to come. What are you and your business doing about it? If you are a small business, social media can be a huge stepping stone to your future success. This can be combined with your traditional marketing efforts of direct mail, email campaigns, sales representatives, cold calling efforts and others. It may surprise you at how easy it is to get started!


Social Media Manager

It is vital to have someone you can trust to help you with online postings. We spend time filtering ideas, thoughts and plans before posting ever occurs. We have the experience you need to create timely, relevant information that users feel will be important to their everyday lives. In addition, we can review the entirety of your online public communication. It is always best to avoid potential conflicts, copyright infringements and potential litigation whenever possible. In addition, we can consult on issues such as negative online feedback, responding to customer problems and when it may be best to control user content or access.

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Logo Creation

It is vital to have a fresh, consistent and appealing logo. This is needed to compete in today’s marketplace. That's why our Digital Agency Louisville can help. When a customer notices an out of date design, an immediate lack of trust is perceived by the customer. It is common for businesses to see lost profits, missed sales opportunities and unneeded expenditures to build back trust. Grapevine is here to stay on top of recent design trends, creatively work on new ideas and ensure all digital content is updated properly for the best formats for the computer, mobile device, tv and/or tablet.

SEO Services

A strong website begins with quality content. The words you use will be indexed by google and other search engines. This will begin the placement of your page in the search rankings. Our SEO services can take your business to another level, by increasing your visibility and getting the online real estate you deserve. Businesses need organic search results, not only to survive but thrive in the marketplace today.

We will consult with your business in regards to keywords, images, descriptions, HTML coding details and possible video content that may add value.